I Deserve To Be Well

“Honey, come quick!”, hollered Sara.
“What’s wrong?” yelled John from the living room.

John had just sat down in front of the TV. It had been a long day, the dinner dishes were done, and it was time to relax. The last thing he wanted to do at this point, was to get off the couch.

“It’s Teddy. He’s burning up.”, cried Sara from the baby’s room.

John could hear her cries almost in stereo, with the baby’s room just down the hall to the right, and the baby monitor on the shelf to his left. This time he didn’t hesitate. He jumped from the couch. The sound of her words echoed in his head as he flew down the hall. It wasn’t the first time he had heard these words during Teddy’s short 4 month life.

John arrived at the baby’s room just in time to see Sara removing the digital thermometer from Teddy’s right ear.

“What’s his temp?”, he asked, in a much more empathic tone than normal.
“103.5” she answered, holding back the tears.
“I’ll get Mrs. Marcunus to watch Jim and Paul.” (Teddy’s older brothers). “Get him dressed.” John hurried out of the room. “Oh and call Dr. Beck. Tell him we’re on our way to the ER.”, he yelled back to Sara, as he was nearing the living room.

A few minutes later, they were speeding down the road to the hospital.

Teddy was born with a heart defect. This little baby boy, hanging on to life by a thread, had surgery at day ten. After the surgery the doctors prescribed steroids and antibiotics, lots of them.

Teddy’s plight is a lot like Kole’s. Kole was also born with a cardiac problem. It wasn’t long before respiratory complications were added to Kole’s hefty medical chart. Before Kole’s 4-month birthday, he had spent 2½ months in the hospital, more time than you and I, in our entire life times.

For the remainder of Kole’s first year, he was in and out of the hospital and emergency clinic. One more visit to the neighborhood clinic and he’d win a free raffle ticket for a Honda Civic.

Just past his first birthday, he was admitted to the hospital for, what turned out to be the “common cold” virus. There was nothing common about this cold for Kole. It got him an all-inclusive 5-day stay in the hospital.

Jennifer, his mom, was at her whit’s end. Her 1-year old baby boy was lying in a pediatric hospital crib, with tubes and wires all over his little body, again. Her friend Amber tried to talk to her about essential oils. But this was not the time or place for that conversation.

When Kole was stable and back home, Jennifer realized, “I have to figure something out.” Having Kole spend more time sick than well, could not be allowed to continue.

Jennifer had been involved with conventional veterinary medicine for over 20 years. Essential oils? What’s that, a better way to fry chicken? The doctor’s medicine is based in science. Its been proven that it works. Or does it? Kole wasn’t getting any better. She called her friend Amber.

It was a huge leap of faith the next time Kole had a fever. Jennifer tried the essential oils, but they didn’t work fast enough and she reached for the Infants’ Advil. The next time a fever hit, she was ready. She had prepared a spray bottle with a special mix of essential oils, just for Kole, which she applied to his chest and back. The fever broke. “Thank God. It Worked!” she thought.

Jennifer and Kole

Jennifer and Kole

Over the next 9 months, Kole didn’t need to visit the hospital or emergency clinic, not once! Thanks to the use of essential oils.

Jennifer had wanted the science and the studies. They’re out there, and I can show them to you. But more important than studies and trials is the fact that it works. It worked for Kole.

There are over 40 different essential oils, and countless blends, all with well-documented benefits, for every kind of ailment. There are also practitioners, trained and certified in the safe effective use of essential oils.

In the proper dilution, essential oils can be eaten, applied to the skin or inhaled. Inhaling essential oils is called aromatherapy. The oils can be used individually or mixed together into blends.

In order for essential oils to work for you, you must try them. It’s an essential step. But don’t start lighting candles for that essential oils bubble bath just yet. Like anything else, you need to know what you’re doing. Imagine what happens when too much cayenne pepper oil touches sensitive parts of your body. Ouch! That’s not burn’en love. Yet cayenne pepper can be very effective in alleviating muscle pain.

When I need an essential oils solution, my first step is to call Paige Clarke at Ascentia Holistics, Inc. Paige is a certified aromatherapist.


Some essential oils I use regularly:

  • Drink 2 drops Peppermint in an ounce of water, used to settle an upset/queasy stomach.
  • Wintergreen and Cayenne Pepper mixed in a savvy, rubbed into the skin for muscle pain.
  • 2 drops cinnamon oil in 12 ounces iced coffee. Who cares what this does for my health. It tastes heavenly.

I found these essential oil uses and many more, at EverythingEssential.me; a great “teach me about essential oils” site. With recipes I’ve used and know, I could order essential oils from myDoterra.  They are also available on the internet and from local health food stores.

doTerra Essential Oils

But it wasn’t long ago, the only thing I could think of to do with them was deep fry a turkey. If you’re like me, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy web site, has a page to locate certified practitioners.

The use of essential oils has dramatically affected Jennifer’s life, and the lives of her sons. Essential oils can definitely help you and your family.

Find a practitioner; learn which essential oils are used for your ailments, and start using them.

You Deserve to be Well.


Paul Levin is the father of two, now grown children, in Tampa, Florida. At age 33 his first baby was born – a beautiful baby girl, Jessica. Two years later his 2nd child, a healthy strong boy, Daniel. Paul worked most of his carrier as a computer engineer, including through the horrific events that happened to his daughter. At every opportunity, Paul shares the experiences that lead him to learn first hand, of the benefits of holistic healthcare.

That event began a journey that would profoundly affect my life. Now that my kids are grown and I have time to give back, its time I share some of the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn), in hopes of having a profound affect on your life. ~ Paul

Paul is available to speak with your group and at your convention. For contact information, more blog posts and other information about Paul, visit his web site, at IDeserveToBeWell.com.

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  • Dianne James says:

    Amazing story, amazing little boy with an amazingly determined mom. There was so much anxiety, worry and heartbreak as weeks turned into months when Kole was in the hospital, I am so grateful for the oils that have turned all the negative stuff into this bright, busy and incredibly happy toddler. The tragedy of seeing your newborn grandchild so sick is beyond scary…it’s a wound on your heart that never leaves….but when Jen started Kole (and the rest of the family) on the oils, and the successes started happening…it was nothing short of a miracle. I’ll take a miracle anytime! This is one relieved and Blessed grandma.