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Vitamins and minerals – the first stop on our journey into the world of Holistic Healthcare.

I can hear every reader yelling back at me,

“Vitamins, minerals – I already take those!”

So did I.

My favorite was FLINTSONES Complete Chewables.

But what was I popping in my mouth, and what happened when I did?

Most vitamin products on the market today, contain synthetic and isolated vitamins.  These are vitamins produced in a laboratory. Mad Scientist ChemistSynthetics come from mixing chemicals together to make the vitamin. Isolated vitamins use chemicals to extract the vitamin molecules from whole foods.

Can my body use these synthetic and isolated vitamins?  In most cases, the sad answer is “With much less efficiency” or a flat out “No!”

In nature, vitamins come packaged with other vitamins, enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants and trace mineral activators required by our bodies, in order to recognize and make use of the vitamin.  Without that whole package, the body may:

  • ignore the isolated vitamin and simply dispose of it, making for expensive urine;
  • store it for future use, until the required other components are available to process it (Excess clutter in the storage compartment can lead to trouble); or
  • take the required components from your body, in order to process the isolated vitamin (Rob Peter to pay Paul).

This is a lot like getting a brand new iPhone 6 with no battery and no charger. Yes it is an iPhone 6, but without those other things, it’s kinda worthless. You might stick it in a draw until you can get a battery and charger; you might throw it away; or you might steal the battery and charger from the twit who gave you this useless gift.

It’s that last choice that makes this isolated vitamin really dangerous.  Your body knows what minerals and enzymes it needs to process the nice new shiny vitamin you just gave it.  So it takes what it needs from the rest of your body, leading to mineral deficiencies, and associated dis-eases.

There are many documented cases of vitamin toxicity (poisoning) caused by isolated and synthetic vitamins.  “In one experiment, synthetic vitamin B (thiamine) was shown to render 100% of a group of pigs sterile!”

Wow, that certainly gives me reason to pause before popping the next multivitamin capsule.

Ok, I got it; I’ll stop eating vitamins.

Wrong decision. Our bodies need vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, and more, in order to function. According to Dr. Joel D. Wallach, we require 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2-3 essential fatty acids, every day. (See the YouTube video – Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.)

So what is a person to do? The only solution to this dilemma is to eat whole foods.  That way the body is receiving the full natural vitamin with all of its required companions.

I’m picking up another bag of fresh spinach at the Supermarket, today.  It’ll make me big and strong. (And healthy?) Just look what it does for Popeye.Popeye with Spinach

Yes organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables is definitely the direction to go in.

But sadly its insufficient, at least for the USA, today. We’ve known for almost 100 years that our soil is nutrient impoverished, and no longer provides plant foods with the mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health.Person Stuck in Maze

Isn’t this frustrating?  It seems there’s a brick wall at every turn.Brick Wall

There is an answer.Exit Maze

The answer lies in naturally occurring, full-spectrum, whole food extracts.  Food extracts can take the form of herbal supplements. These supplements  can be obtained by taking a nutrient-rich plant [from another location anywhere in the world], and removing the water and fiber, in a chemical-free vacuum process. This process captures the entire vitamin complex, intact, thus retaining its functional and nutritional value.

Caution: not all herbal supplements were created equal. Its very sad to say, some do not even meet the definition given above.

I only want to consider those supplements that are nutrient-rich and chemical-free. Of those, not every one is the right one to take, at the current time.

This feels like a cliffhanger.  I hear people Yelling from the Rooftops — “How the F… Am I Supposed to Know Which One to Take?”

I’m so glad you asked. Next time we’ll answer that question.

With knowledge comes responsibility.  Do you and your kids keep popping those synthetic vitamins, that you have on the kitchen counter?


Paul Levin is the father of two, now grown children, in Tampa, Florida. At age 33 his first baby was born – a beautiful baby girl, Jessica. Two years later his 2nd child, a healthy strong boy, Daniel. Paul worked most of his carrier as a computer engineer, including through the horrific events that happened to his daughter. At every opportunity, Paul shares the experiences that lead him to learn first hand, of the benefits of holistic healthcare.

That event began a journey that would profoundly affect my life. Now that my kids are grown and I have time to give back, its time I share some of the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn), in hopes of having a profound affect on your life. ~ Paul

Paul is available to speak with your group and at your convention. For contact information, more blog posts and other information about Paul, visit his web site, at IDeserveToBeWell.com.

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