I Deserve To Be Well

Before I was exposed to the vast world of Holistic Healthcare, the only help I knew of, for when I was sick, was to see the General Practitioner, M.D.  I knew that more complex problems would be referred to a Specialist M.D.  If things really got dicey, I’d be sent to a hospital.

Sent To HospitalI knew about vitamins, a few minerals, and had even been a long time patient of chiropractors.  I had once gotten a deep tissue massage. And I had never seen an acupuncturist, but wanted to.

I had no idea the world of amazing discovery I was stepping into.

A Journey

But before we start that journey, let’s get an idea of where we’re headed — the mind blowing (and life altering) world of Holistic Healthcare.

Holistic [Healthcare] … focuses on how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of a person are interconnected to maintain health. When one part is not working well, it is believed to affect the whole person. Holistic approaches focus on the whole person rather than just on the illness or part of the body that is not healthy.

I couldn’t have said that better myself. Thank you American Cancer Society, for letting me borrow it.

This definition reveals the primary difference between Holistic Healthcare and Conventional Western medicine.  The later focuses on the illness or part of the body that is not healthy.  This is mainly referring to the symptoms the patient experiences.  Said another way, Conventional medicine treats symptoms.

By contrast, Holistic Healthcare seeks to discover and correct the underlying cause, which lead to those symptoms.

The second major focus of Holistic Healthcare, which in my opinion is much more important is: Holistic Healthcare focuses on assisting the individual in becoming and staying healthy.  We will look at how that is accomplished when we look at various Holistic Healthcare modalities.

But first, why do I call it “Holistic Healthcare”?

Holistic Healthcare goes by several names. Some of the more common are:  alternative medicine, complementary medicine,  functional medicine, and holistic medicine.  The first two names contrast Holistic Healthcare with conventional medicine.

The phrase “conventional medicine” refers to allopathic medicine – the medicine typically provided by the M.D.

allopathy: the method of treating disease by the use of agents [drugs] that produce effects different from those of the disease treated.

Regarding the name “alternative medicine”, I agree with Julian Whitaker, MD, when he said, “I dislike the term ‘alternative medicine’ because virtually everything in conventional medicine was at one time alternative.”

Functional medicine is a collection of scientific fields of study, that focus on the function of parts of the body and the function of the body as a whole.  It seeks to ensure that every component of the body is functioning properly.  This is definitely a major component of Holistic Healthcare.

Car BreakoutWhy do I prefer the name Holistic Healthcare instead of the name “holistic medicine”?  One of the definitions for “medicine” is,

a compound or preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease, esp. a drug or drugs taken by mouth:

Together with the above definitions, I would say that (to a large degree) “medicine” is the use of drugs to counteract (mask, hide) symptoms.

drug bottlesNote that by my definition, medicine is not used to cure nor aid in health and well being.

Healthcare, by contrast, uses natural food, to enable the body to heal itself and stay well.

fields of food growing

In future articles we will look at some of the modality groups contained in the universe of Holistic Healthcare.  We will see what they are, what they do, and why they work.

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Paul Levin is the father of two, now grown children, in Tampa, Florida. At age 33 his first baby was born – a beautiful baby girl, Jessica. Two years later his 2nd child, a healthy strong boy, Daniel. Paul worked most of his carrier as a computer engineer, including through the horrific events that happened to his daughter. At every opportunity, Paul shares the experiences that lead him to learn first hand, of the benefits of holistic healthcare.

That event began a journey that would profoundly affect my life. Now that my kids are grown and I have time to give back, its time I share some of the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn), in hopes of having a profound affect on your life. ~ Paul

Paul is available to speak with your group and at your convention. For contact information, more blog posts and other information about Paul, visit his web site, at IDeserveToBeWell.com.

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