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Chiropractors are very common place in our society, today.  Almost 100,000 googled hits, just in the county where I live.

Chiropractor Office

But it wasn’t always that way…

The field of chiropractic began in 1895 when Daniel David Palmer preformed the [very] first chiropractic adjustment.  This history making event was performed on a partially deaf janitor.  The man later reported that his hearing, had improved.

Please, before I get all kinds of emails, I did not say the man was healed…

Hallelujah, its a miracle! 🙂

Faith Healer

But, humm??  This new thing, called a chiropractic adjustment improved this guy’s hearing. Strange coincidence? Or new science?

In those early days, the father of Osteopathy, Andrew Stills, independent from D.D. Palmer, also described the body as a “machine” whose parts could be manipulated to produce a drugless cure!

STOP. Go back and read that last sentence again.

Unfortunately for Palmer, Stills convinced the government to license osteopathy, and as a result, Palmer and other chiropractors found themselves in jail — for practicing osteopathy without a license.

Palmer eventually prevailed in court, and now we find a chiropractor on just about every corner.

Previously, we had talked about how our nerves travel through the spine and come out between the vertebra. These nerves carry electrical signals from the brain to the body, and back to the brain.

Electrical Nervers to/from the Brain

It is through these nerves that the brain controls the rest of the body.  We also talked about how misaligned vertebra can press on and pinch these nerves, interfering with the flow of information between the brain and the body.

D.D. Palmer and Chiropractic to the rescue.

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct these misalignments and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally.

The chiropractic adjustment manually moves the vertebra, such that after the adjustment, the vertebra will be better aligned.  Thus allowing the nerves to carry their vital information without interference.

Chiropractic Adjustment on a Man

More often than not, people see the chiropractor for back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints, and headaches.

But if chiropractic adjustments remove the interference that the nerves are being subjected to, doesn’t it stand to reason that the organs at the end of those nerves are really the ones benefiting?

Consider baby Justin… poor kid!  Just 6 months old, and having one ear infection after another.  Too young to say what hurts, but old enough to know he’s in pain…. all the time.  When Justin was born, his head was turned so as to leave the vertebra in his tiny little neck misaligned.  A few chiropractic adjustments, allowing those vertebra to correct their positioning, and …. guess what?? …. ear infections gone!

Cool, huh?

Chiropractic Adjustment on a Baby

Coincidence? or new science?

I know many of you want something more than a heart warming-story about a baby boy.  How about this –

The link between chiropractors and successful diabetes treatment has earned nationwide attention as emerging research hints at a positive correlation between the two.

That’s just one example of the growing amount of research showing the benefits of chiropractic, way beyond back pain.

I love the chiropractor.  I saw a chiropractor very regularly for over 20 years.  I suffered with terrible stomach pain and constipation, not to mention middle and lower back pain.

Let’s look at my symptoms for a moment.

The nerves that control the stomach come out of the spine at 6T. The 6T vertebra is located in the middle of the back.  Could it be, that my middle back pain and stomach problems were related?


Spinal Nerve Chart


What about the constipation and my lower back pain? Check out 1L in the diagram.  Large intestines – constipation!

As I said above, I love chiropractic. By adjusting my spine, not only was my middle and lower back pain relieved, but my other problems were also relieved.

Yet the symptoms would soon return and I would have to see the chiropractor again, week after week month after month, for over 20 years.

As a quick reminder, Holistic Healthcare seeks to discover and correct the underlying cause, [of the] symptoms.

Yes, the misalignments in my vertebra were the cause of the other symptoms, but what was the cause of the misaligned vertebra?

We’ll explore that question, and start climbing up the causality ladder, next time.



Paul Levin is the father of two, now grown children, in Holiday, Florida. At age 33 his first baby was born – a beautiful baby girl, Jessica. Two years later his 2nd child, a healthy strong boy, Daniel. Paul worked most of his carrier as a computer engineer, including through the horrific events that happened to his daughter. At every opportunity, Paul shares the experiences that lead him to learn first hand, of the benefits of holistic healthcare.

That event began a journey that would profoundly affect my life. Now that my kids are grown and I have time to give back, its time I share some of the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn), in hopes of having a profound affect on your life. ~ Paul

Paul is available to speak with your group and at your convention. For contact information, more blog posts and other information about Paul, visit his web site, at IDeserveToBeWell.com.

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