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If it was a building, it would collapse!

If it was a plane it would crash!

These words will echo in my head for the rest of my life.

They are the immortal words of my structural engineering college professor, when asked why he marked a test question completely wrong, just because of one tiny little math error.

Every physical thing we see in the universe has a structure.  In the case of buildings and airplanes,

Building Structure

Airplane Structure







we’re talking about load distribution and functionality.

As the professor said, if the structure isn’t correct, devastating things can happen…


The human body has a structure as well, beginning with the spine.


The spine provides both load balancing for the human body.  And very importantly, provides the channel through which nerves travel between the brain and the body.


When this structure is not correct, devastating things will happen…



Clearly pain can, and often does, accompany misalignments in our structure.

More importantly, the nerves, passing through the spine, carry electrical signals between the brain and the body.  Through these nerves, the brain keeps the body functioning.  When there is pressure on the nerves, those signals get distorted or blocked completely.

“Pressure on nerves decreases or inhibits the messages they conduct. The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.” Gray’s Anatomy 29Ed Pg 4

Think of a garden hose carrying essential information (the water) from the spigot to the nozzle.  Now kink the hose.  What happens to the flow of information?


What about the brain?

There are 22 bones that make up the skull.  Can they put pressure on the brain, like the spinal vertebra put pressure on the nerves?

The answer is YES!

When that happens, the effects on a person can be…

… nausea, vomiting, and swelling in the upper body and head [headaches] … [even] coma.

Bottom line, when the structure of our bodies is not correct, our bodies can not (and will not) function properly.  This dis-function occurs long before you feel pain or experience symptoms.

The techniques for keeping the spine and skull in alignment are (at least for the client) very simple and easy.  Painless!

We’ll be discussing those techniques in coming blog posts.

Meanwhile I ask you, why wait until disaster happens?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

~ Benjamin Franklin ~



Paul Levin is the father of two, now grown children, in Tampa, Florida. At age 33 his first baby was born – a beautiful baby girl, Jessica. Two years later his 2nd child, a healthy strong boy, Daniel. Paul worked most of his carrier as a computer engineer, including through the horrific events that happened to his daughter. At every opportunity, Paul shares the experiences that lead him to learn first hand, of the benefits of holistic healthcare.

That event began a journey that would profoundly affect my life. Now that my kids are grown and I have time to give back, its time I share some of the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn), in hopes of having a profound affect on your life. ~ Paul

Paul is available to speak with your group and at your convention. For contact information, more blog posts and other information about Paul, visit his web site, at IDeserveToBeWell.com.

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